Nowadays, people rely so much on technology. In my opinion, this has a relatively long list of cons, but it also has its share of pros. Technology makes our lives easier. I actually think that it makes it too easy. We no longer have to think much, some apps do it for us. Although this can be something that can dry up our minds, sometimes, we actually need them for us to be more efficient. We only have 24 hours in a day, and there are days when we need more hours. Checking test papers, making a lesson plan, thinking of how to deal with the noise level, we can only do so much in a day. We need all the help we can get to lessen up the load on our shoulders.

I have listed down 3 amazing apps that could help us teachers for managing the classroom. They are all free for you to download from the App Store and Google Play Store. I’ve tried them myself and believe me when I say that it frees up a lot of my time.

1. TeacherKit


TeacherKit is best for secondary teachers as it allows you to organize multiple classrooms and students. It offers multiple features such as attendance records, grade book, behavior tracking, seating charts, and more. It can take care of the mundane tasks for you, so you could focus more on your teaching. TeacherKit is free to download and use, but it offers a Premium version, which upgrades the app with reporting and lots of amazing features to help you work even smarter.

2. Blendspace

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Blendspace gathers for you all web-based resources into one handy place for you to use and share. You can browse and curate playlists of theme-based resources, saving you a lot of time when doing your lesson plans and powerpoints. It is accessible, flexible, and teacher-friendly! They said you can create digital lessons in just 5 minutes. See for yourself if this is true.

3. Schoology


Schoology is the best learning management system there is today. It has all the tools you and your school need to create engaging content for lessons and assess student understanding. It has everything you need for a successful and efficient classroom management system. You can upload your lessons in your virtual classroom, and also upload homework with submission tabs that automatically closes on the deadline. Your students and their parents can also see their grades and progress. It is very user-friendly and is signing up is free!


What more apps can you recommend for classroom management success? 🙂