It’s perfectly okay to cry… sometimes.

For new teachers, sometimes we get so overwhelmed by the workload, classroom management, other faculty members, and most especially by the pressure of:
(1) parents
(2) students who are lagging behind the class
(3) students who are misbehaving
(4) if you are being an effective teacher
(5) if you are a good enough teacher
… the list goes on. There are many reasons why we tend to break down and choose to quit in our first year. Especially teaching in Middle School it can be so demanding, that it depletes your fuel to teach. If you’re in that position, if you’re on the verge of giving up, please don’t.


I know you are doing a great job, you are doing your best. Your students appreciate you and they look up to you. Your difficult students are just misheard. Try to listen to them, they might be telling you something. Reach out to them, be their confidant. Just keep doing your best, teacher! I promise you, all teachers have been there. All teachers have cried in their cars, desks, bed, or wherever because of the overwhelming pressure. You are not alone. Being a teacher is very purposeful. When you see your students grow up to be successful and doing something good in their lives, you’ll realize that you are a part of how he or she is today. It is worth it. It always is.