They said, when you raise your voice to someone, you just push them far back.

They also said that  you raise your voice to someone because your hearts are too far away from one other that you think the other person no longer hears you.

Sometimes, we can’t help but raise our voices to get our students’ attentions. Sometimes it might even be “inevitable not to shout.

BUT. Is it really inevitable? Think about it.

Do you really have to shout and be bigger and bolder than your students?
Do  you think that shouting will have a bigger impact on them?
Do you think that raising your voice and getting mad is the best way to control the classroom?

7891554524_60904bb696_zI don’t think so…

You see, I think, a smarter classroom management is to be gentle.
When your class gets too rowdy or too noisy, just keep quiet. Eventually, your class will notice that you’re being silent and they will feel a bigger impact because it won’t make sense in their minds. To their logic, it should be “NOISY = MAD TEACHER”. But if they see that you are calm, they will realize that you are not that kind of teacher. Use a gentle voice. They will see that you are the kind of teacher who listens and respects them, and that’s the reason why they should also listen and respect you. Gentleness is respected.

Also, gentleness will lower everybody’s stress levels. It will lower your stress and anxiety, it will lower the tension between you and your students.

There’s no harm in trying to be gentle. Try and use a gentle approach to your class. Gentleness feels good. It is good for you, it will be good for them. Gentleness is good for everyone, and it will lead to a happy classroom!